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  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Plastic Drainage Pipeline

    Product Details

    Product details

    Heat shrinkable sleeve is commonly known as dead sleeve or round barrel sleeve, the inner layer of the heat shrinkable sleeve is a hot melt adhesive layer of high adhesion, and the outer layer is make of irradiation cross-linked PE substrates. Currently, the heat shrinkable sleeve is widely used for connection and sealing of plastic drainage pipes and plastic manholes.

    Main Advantages of Heat Shrinkable Sleeve:

    1. High adhesive strength, good tightness and leakage resistance;
    2. High shrinkage, giving full play to the leakage resistance of heat shrinkable sleeves;
    3. Quick shrink, convenient and quick construction.

    Operating Procedures:

    1. Preset: firstly nest the heat shrinkable sleeve together with the isolating film into one end of the pipe, then horizontally align the both ends of the pipe to be connected, try to make the clearance between the two sections of the pipe as small as possible, if the clearance exceeds 15mm, fill the clearance at the pipe ends with glue sticks.
    2. Clean: remove the oil dirt and sandy soil at the pipe joints.
    3. Preheat: preheat the pipe wall at the joints to about 70℃.
    4. Sand Blasting: carry out sand blasting on the preheated pipe wall to be bond along the circumferential direction, to make the wall surface with clear sand blasting signs.

    5. Install: move the hot sleeve to the center of the joint, remove the isolating film, and then uniformly heat from the middle along the circumferential direction, after it is fully shrunk, heat towards the both ends respectively. The heating temperature allowable for the heat shrinkable sleeve shall not exceed 250℃. After all are shrunk, re-heat the surface dimples until it is completely flat. After the completion of the overall heating, re-heat again to make hot melt adhesive fully overflow. In the heat shrink process, roll the heat shrinkable sleeve several times with a compression roller, especially the fusion overlaps, to eliminate air bubbles. After the completion of heat shrink, inspect the quality.

    Product Inquiry

    Product details
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